Equipping Info And Registration

To register for any of our equipping courses, please click HERE.

Please note that payment for all equipping courses can only be done via eNets debit.

After completing your registration, you should receive 2 emails, one from the GKidz Team and one from eNets. If you did not receive either, please email GKadmin@fcbc.org.sg immediately and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

For more info on any of our equipping courses, please scroll down.

Power Camp (Timothy Encounter)

Registration period: 8 Apr (Sat) - 9 May (Tue)

(For children ages 7 - 9 years old ONLY)

Location Map

Important Notes To Parents / Guardians

  1. As part of the preparation for the Power Camp , please go through the 3 Pre-Encounter Sessions with your child.
    The 3 Pre - Encounter sessions are available at the link listed at www.fcbc.org.sg/GKidzDownloads

  2. Parents who are believers should attend the following Encounter sessions with the children:
    20 May 2017 (Saturday) 21 May 2017 (Sunday)
    Session 4 : Water Baptism Class
    Time : 3.30 pm
    Session 6 : Breaking of Generational Curses
    Time : 5.00 pm
  3. To register, you can choose one of the following ways.
    a)  Pay via eNETS at  www.fcbc.org.sg/GKidzRegistration
    b) Cash & NETS payments are only available at IO counter on 15/16 April & 6/7 May weekend. 
    c) Prepare a cheque payable to “FCBC”, with child’s name and parents’ contact no. written on the reverse side of cheque. Staple together with the registration form and deposit them in the Dropbox at the IO Counter.

  4. Parents are required to complete an indemnity & consent form for your child. Please submit the completed form to us when your child reports for the encounter.

One-way bus service for children only

GKidz will be providing a one-way shuttle bus service on 21 May (Sun) from TOUCHCENTRE (TC) / Suntec to City Beach Resort

Please note:   
If your child is taking the one-way bus, please indicate on the registration form and assemble at the indicated location on 21 May (Sun) by 8.00 am.

Bus service for parents & children

Route Pick Up Date & Time
Labrador Park MRT Exit A -> City Beach Resort 20 May (Sat) 9.10am
(9.30am return trip to Labrador Park MRT)
City Beach Resort -> Labrador Park MRT 20 May (Sat) 4pm
City Beach Resort -> Labrador Park MRT 21 May (Sun) 5.30pm
SML Worship Camp

Registration period: 22 April - 28 May

SML Worship Camp – Non Stay-In

9am – 1.30pm (14 & 15 June)
9am – 2pm (16 June)

Venue: Blk 162 Room 4 Bukit Merah Central S150162

Cost: $45 (inclusive of materials and meal, non-refundable)

Pre-requisite: For 7 to 12 years old – Attended Power Camp / Barnabas Encounter 

  • 9 years old and above
  • Able to play basic drum grooves and fill-in
  • Bring your own drumsticks
  • 9 years old and above
  • Keyboard ABRSM Grade 3 or equivalent
  • Able to play chords/triads
  • 9 years old and above
  • Able to play G and D family chords
  • Bring your own guitar and tuner
Children Levites
  • 7 – 12 years old

Register online: https://www.fcbc.org.sg/GKidzRegistration

GKidz Super Camp (Barnabas PE & SOL 1)

Registration period: 13 May (Sat) - 6 Jun (Tue)

Date: 21 – 23 Jun 2017

More information coming soon...

Barnabas Encounter (Stay-In)

Registration period: 27 May (Sat) - 20 Jun (Tue)

Date: 1 – 2 Jul 2017

More information coming soon...

Armour of God Camp (Timothy Post-Encounter)

Registration period: 5 Aug (Sat) - 29 Aug (Tue)

Date: 8 – 9 Sep 2017

More information coming soon...

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