Hokkien Ministry

Hokkien Service TIME & DAY
3pm, Saturday

Touch Centre (TC)
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Pastor Eugene Tan

FCBC's Hokkien Ministry reaches out to the Hokkien-speaking community. It aims to bring the gospel to this community and help them grow in the love of God, with Hokkien as the language of communication. The first service started in September 2000. Since then, the congregation has grown from 30 to 600, and is largely made up of 40 to 90 year olds.

Are you praying for your loved ones to receive His gift of salvation? Do you have difficulty sharing the gospel with them? Bring your pre-believing family and friends to our Hokkien Service and let them experience the reality of God!

Hokkien Phone-in Devotion

Phone Number: 6424 9547
Duration: 3 minutes daily
Special Note: From 9 January to 25 December 2021, Hokkien Phone-in Devotion will be extended to about 8 to 10 minutes on Saturday only. Callers will be learning from a simple sharing from the gospel of Matthew. This will certainly help our Hokkien congregation grow in the word of God.

Hokkien Ministry News

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Hokkien Ministry: An Interview with Pastor Daniel & Patsy Gan

My dear Hokkien members, from just the testimony of Ng Ngian How & Monica, God is telling us, “He cares!”

Hokkien Ministry: Testimony of Hock Lai & Mooi Eng

When I spoke to Tay Hock Lai and Ng Mooi Eng one Saturday afternoon, they were keen to share their testimony of a life-changing encounter they experienced with God after joining the Hokkien Celebration Service for just a few months.

Two members of our Hokkien Celebration Service got married at TOUCHCENTRE last Saturday. What’s so special, you may ask. Well, the bride is 75 years old and the groom is 85 years old.