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In 1998, the churches in the LoveSingapore Movement have sensed the leadership of the Lord that in these difficult times of economic crisis, the Singapore Churches need to rise up to assist those who are in need of financial assistance.

What is LoveSingapore Fund (FCBC)?

This is a fund raised by Faith Community Baptist Church to assist individuals or families who are undergoing financial hardship in these times of economic and financial crisis.

Criteria and Eligibility

  • Consideration will be given to individuals or families who are facing financial crisis or problem in the following situations :
  • Individuals or families whose income is insufficient to cover basic expenses of household.
  • Families where the bread winner faces loss of income e.g. through retrenchment or other crisis.
  • Single parent families with dependent children Families where the bread winner and/or adults in the family may be physically unfit for work. Families where the bread winner may have chronic illnesses.
  • Families where the bread winner has to reduce income to look after elderly family members.
  • Families where the breadwinner is not responsible in providing for the needs of the family because of bad habits such as gambling or drinking.

Who can receive financial assistance?

  • FCBC’s cell member or church member who meets the above criteria.
  • Members of the public recommended by cell leaders or members.
  • Applications from the general public.
  • Referrals by other Voluntary Welfare Organizations (VWOs)

Procedures for assessment of application

Applications will be submitted to:

  • LoveSingapore Fund (Faith Community Baptist Church)
    750A Chai Chee Road
    #04-01 Viva Business Park
    Singapore 469001
  • All applications submitted by cell members, church members or members of the public will be made using the Application Form, which must be duly filled and completed.
  • This will be followed by a visit to the applicant’s home by a Cell Leader or Pastor.
  • Before the home visit, Cell Leaders or Pastors will call the applicant to prepare and photocopy all relevant documents (eg pay slips, medical bills, PUB bills, Bank book, etc).
  • During the home visit, an Assessment Form must be completed, supported by relevant documents (as mentioned in previous point) to verify the information given.
  • The completed application and assessment forms, together with the proposal (describing the applicant’s current financial status and dire needs as well as the quantum recommended) will then be submitted to the Team Pastor for further processing.
  • Any subsequent request for financial assistance must be made again through a new application form, supported by relevant documents and recommendations by the Cell Leader or Pastor. Approval will be given only on a case-by-case basis.

LoveSingapore Fund Application

 LoveSingapore Fund Application (English)


 Domestic Helper Financial Assistance Application Form

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