GKidz Volunteer Form

Thank you for responding to the call to be part of a community that will raise a righteous generation! Please note that serving at GKidz takes a different form during this season as we cannot gather physically. Please take a few moments to fill in the form below.

Personal Particulars
The minimum required age to be a GKidz Leader is 16 years old.
Contact Details
By providing your contact details, you are giving us permission to contact you and use your data for our recruitment administration. Please ensure that the information you provide in this section is valid and up-to-date.
Cell & Equipping Details
All fields in this section are compulsory. Do take note that certain volunteer positions in GKidz will require you to have attained a certain equipping level.
Serving GKidz
You are about to complete the registration process as a GKidz volunteer. Please fill in the fields in this section that apply to you.
David Club (18 months - 4 years old)
Frequency: 4 hours / week - minimum 1 year
Timothy Club (Small Group Leader)
Frequency: 4 hours / week - minimum 1 year
Barnabas Club (Small Group Leader)
Frequency: 4 hours / week - minimum 1 year, preferably 3 years
Graphic Design / Video Production
Frequency: on project basis
Leader for Special Needs Children
Boys' Brigade / Girls' Brigade
Frequency: 2 hours / week - during school term
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