General Equipping

FCBC Equipping Level 1

Objective: To equip new believers on the basics of the Christian faith.


  1. What is a Vision
  2. Principles of G12
  3. One True God
  4. Salvation at the Cross
  5. The God who Hears our Prayers
  6. The God who Guides Us
  7. Loving God’s Word
  8. Quiet Time
  9. Understanding the Spiritual World
  10. Victory through Jesus
  11. A Spirit-filled Life
  12. I love XFXZ
  13. The Blessed Church

FCBC Equipping Level 2
Intercession & Evangelism

Objective: To equip believers on the basics of intercession and evangelism.



  1. Building an Effective Prayer Life
  2. What is Intercession?
  3. Partnering the Holy Spirit in Intercession
  4. Interceding for Pre-believers


  1. What is WIN?
  2. Winning Strategies & Methods

FCBC Equipping Level 2
Consolidation Training

Objective: To equip believers on the basics of follow-up and consolidation.


  1. What is Consolidate?
  2. Heart and Attitudes of a Consolidator
  3. Process of Consolidation 1
  4. Process of Consolidation 2

FCBC Equipping Level 3
Cell Leader Training

Objective: This skill-based practical course will provide participants with knowledge and skills in using the 4Ws as their cell meeting agenda, along with some basic understanding of cell leadership.


  1. Cell Agenda & Welcome
  2. Worship
  3. Word
  4. Works
  5. Cell Dynamics & Stages of Cell Life
  6. Being a Cell Leader – Roles of a Cell Leader
  7. Being a Cell Leader – Characteristics of a Leader
  8. Being a Cell Leader – Heart of a Leader (Calling & Servanthood)

Bible Study Made Easy

Objective: To help participants attain basic awareness of the Bible – for instance, the order of the Old and New Testaments, origins of the Bible, basic understanding of Bible versions, common Bible resources, and helpful handles in reading and studying the Bible using the Observation, Interpretation, Application (OIA) method.

Hearing The Voice Of God


  1. To bring awareness to believers that everyone can hear God speaking to them.
  2. To practise listening to God speak and to be sensitive to His voice as they seek Him and walk with Him.
  3. To be accountable to their leader by sharing what they sense or hear from the Lord in their journey of life, and accepting guidance where necessary.

Overview of the Old Testament

Objective: An 8-week course to help believers understand the message of the Old Testament and the promise of the coming Messiah found there. With a clear understanding, we hope to help you embark on reading the Old Testament and better position the verses or stories you read within the larger context of what had happened or what was being said or taught in the passage.

Overview of the New Testament

Objective: A 5-week course that provides an overview of the New Testament. It covers the historical context and key events in the life of Jesus, as well as highlights of Apostle Paul’s missionary journeys, his trip to Rome, and subsequent imprisonment. The course also includes short studies on the books of Hebrews, James, and Revelation.

Spiritual Warfare Weekend

Objective: To provide participants with the knowledge and skills in spiritual warfare for the ministry of healing of the whole person.


  1. Gifts of the Holy Spirit are for Today
  2. Growing as a Spirit Being
  3. Nature of Spiritual Gifts
  4. Power for the Ministry
  5. Ministry of Healing
  6. Healing of the Whole Person
    1. Healing of the Spirit
    2. Healing of Past Hurts
    3. Healing of the Body
    4. Healing of the Demonised
  7. Integrated Model of Healing – Values & Procedures
  8. Guidelines for Casting Out Demons

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