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Gateway is passionate about the arts, and about spreading a love for the arts with everyone. Each of its three brands, Gateway Entertainment, Gateway Theatre and Gateway Arts, provides a different way to bring the arts and people together.

Gateway Entertainment is a production company dedicated to creating spellbinding experiences in illusion, theatre, movies, community/social ventures and corporate events. Its vision is to influence Singapore’s arts and entertainment sector with innovative, cutting-edge content for the positive transformation of social values and trends; by developing and providing world-class productions and creative arts programmes that promote local talents, while championing healthy social and family values.

Gateway Theatre is a creative arts space in Bukit Merah. With a 922-seat theatre, 207-seat black box, a dance studio, and other mixed-use spaces, there is a space for everyone in Gateway Theatre. Its mission is to support and promote made-in-Singapore works and talents of all cultures, while developing an appreciation of the arts in Singapore.

Gateway Arts is an arts company that believes in the power of the arts to inspire and transform people and communities. Through the programmes and initiatives, its aim is to ignite the imagination and kindle a love for the arts.

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We do not have any full-time positions available at the moment.