G12 Ladder of Success: Send

In this part of the G12 strategy, the Christian leads an Open Cell, is part of a G12 Group, and works towards developing his or her own G12 Group (made up of leaders whom he or she will mentor).

In G12, we believe the most effective way of multiplication is done through the cells, thereby allowing each leader to reach his or her spiritual potential. The cells fulfil Jesus’ statement: “For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them.” (Matthew 18:20)

Within the cells, members will model after their leader to evangelise, edify, and form godly character and values. New believers join the Open Cell and go through the stages of Win, Consolidate and Disciple till they are ready to lead their own Open Cells. Once one catches the Vision, he or she is invited to join a G12 Group.

G12 Group

The G12 Group is a leadership development group. It is made up of people who are currently leading cells. Up to 12 of these leaders are grouped together and mentored by a G12 leader. In turn, each of these will be helped to disciple their own group of 12. G12 meetings emphasise on mentoring.

Open Cells

The main emphasis of the Open Cell is evangelism. It is made up of a leader and several members who are committed to meeting on a weekly basis to evangelise, edify, and form godly character and values.

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