G12 Ladder of Success: Consolidate

Consolidation is a very important step to keep the new believer in the church so he or she may be helped to grow as a disciple of Jesus. Because it is so critical, it needs to be properly done. Upon the pre-believer's decision to accept Jesus as Lord and Saviour, the consolidator or cell leader should:

  • Get and verify the new believer's particulars
  • Pray for the new believer with genuine concern
  • Arrange for a visit
  • At the home visit, assess the new believer's needs
  • Thereafter, introduce the new believer to a cell group and get him or her started on LifeClass


LifeClass guides new believers through the foundations of their faith, and leads them into a life-transforming encounter with Jesus. It does this through nine weeks of personal study using the LifeClass Student Book, combined with fun and interactive classroom sessions of Bible teachings, and an Encounter Weekend. At the Encounter Weekend, new believers are confronted with their past and led to deal with negative influences in their lives, like sins, curses, hurts and offences. They are introduced to the G12 Vision and receive the fullness of the Holy Spirit.

Check out the LifeClass page for more details about LifeClass, including dates and registration.

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