You Can!

Getting Started

Leading this group will be one of the most rewarding activities you have ever taken on. Expect God to do great things! He will be there with you every week. Pray over every session. For your own encouragement, find a prayer partner who can support you as you lead the group. The video presentations are powerful, but you are the one who will make them personal and applicable to the people's lives. 

The You Can! video series has 7 sessions. Each video presentation is around 20 to 25 mins. The group meeting should last from 60 to 75 mins (max). Each session/meeting is planned around 4 main segments: 

Icebreak - Connect (15 mins)
Inspire - Video (20-25 mins)
Interact - Discussion (15-20 mins)
Involve - Sharing and Caring (10-15 mins)
- What's Up?

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