Hokkien Ministry: Testimony of Hock Lai & Mooi Eng

Saturday, October 31, 2015

When I spoke to Tay Hock Lai and Ng Mooi Eng one Saturday afternoon, they were keen to share their testimony of a life-changing encounter they experienced with God after joining the Hokkien Celebration Service for just a few months. Their testimony encouraged me and after you read this, it is my prayer that you’ll be inspired too!

How long have you been attending the Hokkien Celebration Service?
Hock Lai: I’ve been attending it for about four months. My wife just joined me a few weeks ago, after she witnessed the change in me, and she decided to worship God together with me.

What change took place after you attended the Hokkien Celebration Service?
Hock Lai: I used to be very hot-tempered and often quarreled with my wife. That changed after I started attending the Hokkien service. Now I’m more patient and not as short-tempered as before. Praise God!

Mooi Eng: He has indeed changed, in terms of his attitude and temper. He now knows how to dote on me and cares for me more. When I tell him I have body aches, he offers to pray for me and I always feel better after that!

What are some challenges you faced in the process?
Hock Lai: An essential part of being an extreme disciple is to make disciples for Christ. But I find it difficult to invite my friends to church. My cell members would often help and guide me along. Now when I don’t know how to open my mouth, I ask the Holy Spirit to help me!

What’s so special about the Hokkien Celebration Service?
Hock Lai: I very much enjoy the worship. There’s always such a powerful presence of the Lord. It gives me the spiritual strength that I need for the rest of the week. Aside from weekly services, the Hokkien Encounter Weekend is one equipping course a new believer should definitely attend. There, I really encountered God and changed for the better. There were also some things I couldn’t let go, but God told me to commit all that to Him, and I obeyed. I’m so glad I did as I’ve never felt more peaceful and at ease.

What would you say to your friends who are not yet believers?
Hock Lai & Mooi Eng: God helped us and answered our prayers. If He could resolve our issues, He can solve your problems too. Man has limitations but God has none! His greatness knows no bounds. If you’ll come to church with me, I believe that over time you will see just how powerful our God is. Your life will never be same again!

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