Characteristics of a G12 Cell Church

FCBC transitioned into a G12 cell church in 2002, starting with Senior Pastors Lawrence Khong and Nina Khong selecting their 12 and mentoring them to be obedient to Jesus’ Commission which states “Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptising them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit" (Matthew 28:19-20). FCBC’s previous districts were re-organised into three broad Networks, namely, the Men Network, the Women Network and the Youth Network. This allowed our members to focus on evangelism and discipleship in homogeneous settings across geographical borders.

  • The corporate mission, which is synonymous with the personal mission, is to win people to Christ, make them disciples and equip them to become fathers of multitudes.
  • Everyone can be a leader and should be developed into one, in fulfilment of Christ’s calling to be a disciple-maker.
  • Everyone is mentored so that, in turn, he can mentor others.
  • G12 groups are organised along homogeneous lines, i.e., Men Network, Women Network and Youth Network.
  • Long term relationships are encouraged. Members are committed to each other and each other’s success for as long as possible.
  • This is a patriarchal system of lineage, with everyone tracing their roots back to the Senior Pastors.

G12 groups and other variations

The G12 group is a leadership development group. It is made up of people who are currently leading cells. Up to 12 of these leaders are grouped together and mentored by a G12 leader. In turn, each of these will be helped to disciple their own group of 12. G12 meetings emphasize mentoring.

Open Cell. The main emphasis of the open cell is evangelism. It is made up of a leader and several members who are committed to meeting on a weekly basis to evangelise, edify, and form godly character and values.

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