Derek Ang

Before I accepted Jesus and my Lord and Saviour, I did not have any direction in my personal life. I did not feel love from my family and thus, I became closer to my friends around me. As a result, I started to drift away from my family.

It came to a point that my wife and I needed to go for marriage counselling in a Church. On the day we were scheduled for counselling, we had a quarrel just before I stepped into the church. As a result, I was in a lousy mood. However, the moment I stepped into the church, I heard someone singing and I started to feel better. I was overwhelmed by the peacefulness in the church and I just stood there, listening for more than 15 minutes, even though I was already late for our meeting with the counsellor.

The day after counseling, I started to wonder about Christianity. For some time, I had been asking myself why I was devoted to a Chinese God. And then, I started asking whether I should devote myself to a Western God instead.

I questioned myself over the absence of inner peace whenever I was in a temple.  However, it was different when I was in church. I could feel inner peace and the presence of God in a church.

God blessed me with a friend named Sung. I was enlightened by his sharing about his encounter with God, his Christian life and the gospel.  I was especially touched by his encounter and I wanted to know more. I also asked him to pray for my health and work.

The next morning, my blood sugar level went down to 6.2. I was very surprised as I had not seen that kind of result throughout my one year after being diagnosed with diabetes.

When I had doubts, I talked to friends from FCBC. They also shared God with me and invited me to FCBC. However, there were always obstacles hindering me from joining them.

On 24 July 2010, my friend came to my work venue to look for me and brought me to the TCT service where Pastor Colton touched me with his sermon.  At the end of the service, I prayed the Sinner’s prayer. At that moment, the presence of the Holy Spirit and an inward peace overwhelmed me. I felt that I had become alive.

Eventually, I got to know more friends from FCBC, like James and Susan. James did the 40 Days of Faith and sacrificed his precious time for me. He also introduced me to my Cell Leader Tomy. Tomy is now guiding me in my spiritual growth. Through Tomy, I started to make more friends from the cell group. They treat me as their brother and that has made me feel that we are a family.

My whole family has also accepted Christ as their Lord & Saviour on Christmas Day at FCBC. I believe God can do wonders for He has answered my prayer to bring salvation to my family before Christmas.

I would like to thank the Lord for giving me a new lease of life. I have changed for the better and am becoming a more spiritual person. My marriage is improving and I am learning to love my wife and children more.  I aspire to grow as a Christian by doing what God wants me to do in a righteous way.

Praise the Lord. Amen!

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