Sanctified Once More


After receiving encouraging feedback from the last Week of Sanctification, in July 2014, Senior Pastors Lawrence and Nina Khong issued the call for all FCBC members to come together for a second Week of Sanctification, which was greeted with fervent response once again.

Riding on the momentum of spiritual revival that was awakened at the G12 Asia Conference 2014, TOUCHCENTRE was packed on all five nights. An abundance of worship and prayer were offered up in surrender of FCBC’s five challenges – publically standing to defend the family, the judicial review, TOUCH Community Theatre Rebuilding Project, VISION in Shanghai, as well as our most critical challenge of establishing 1728 cells by July 2015.

Here are some memorable quotes from our Senior Pastor and Team Pastors that were shared during this wonderful week:

“We’re taking authority so that we can go (into Shanghai) and conquer in the Spirit. We know that it’s not by might, not by power, but by the Holy Spirit. We’re going to tear down the power of darkness through the blood of Jesus, which we pray will cover us wholly. We’re going to be allowed entrance, and any opposition that comes to receive us will have to receive the blood of Jesus first. Hallelujah! Jesus is the Lord of Shanghai!”
- Senior Pastor Lawrence Khong

“If FCBC and everyone here wants to live in victory, leave behind your life of sin. Ask God to cleanse you! It’s time to do business with God.”
- Pastor Simon Yee

“If the Lord Himself has given us His reassurance, then why are we still worrying? If we really want to work miracles, we must be bold. No room to be paiseh! It is normal for God to do the impossible. Therefore, we must ask BIG.”
- Pastor Wendy Eng

“If you are not afraid to honour Jesus, your faith can move mountains. Miracles can and will happen when we pray.”
- Pastor Poh Wee Long

“What God wants is our heart. How many fishes do you want to catch? How many people do you want? Open your mouth and tell God that you want to experience His miracle!”
- Pastor Jenny Ong

“Repentance always requires a change in lifestyle.”
- Pastor Daniel Khong

“No weapons formed against our Senior Pastors and their family shall prosper! We want to see great things happen in and through their lives.”
- Pastor Roland Lee

“We are going to be fruitful if we abide by the Lord.”
- Pastor Julie Seow

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