Prepared by: Lee Cheh Hsien, Kendice Chan, Jeremy Chang, and Vincent Yao

“Because I love Japan, I will not keep still. Because my heart yearns for Japan, I cannot remain silent.” (referenced from Isaiah 62:1)

Our team was made up of two university students, Matthew and Sarah.

This LoveJapan team consists of two members, Joyce and I, Bernice. The purpose of our trip to Yokohama and Nagoya was to support Pastors Caleb and Christina, and Charlotte in their outreach and to encourage the believers. 

“Why did you sign up for this trip?” asked our team leader, Samuel, during our second team building session.

Our theme for this trip is "Hope". Hope is in Jesus. And Jesus is good.

The team was a small one, comprising of six adults and one child – Cassandra, Isaiah, Julie, as well as Ruth and Lionel with their nine year old daughter, Yu Jie. By God’s divine set up, Yoshie decided to join us for the trip.

Following a month of thorough planning and preparation, our team of 14 was ready to serve the nation of Timor Leste. Filled with anticipation, the team met at the airport in the wee hours of the morning. Pastor Sor Kim and some of our family and friends were there to pray for us and send us off.

Our team of five adults and four children embarked on this trip with a couple of objectives:

On the way to Viqueque, one of our four cars broke down due to overheating. Part of the team had to stay back to wait for a replacement car. Thank God they arrived at Viqueque safely after a long wait.

It has been one year since our visit to Elim Kairos Church in Berastagi for their first G12 Conference.

We started our day gathering at the airport in the wee hours of the morning. That did not hold us back from being excited and fresh though, ready to bring some sunshine into Japan!

Metro Manila is inundated by rains every June to September. Several barangays (villages) were already flooded.

The first LoveJapan team of 2018 was very small. We were coined The Three Musketeers by Pastor Caleb. The Lord prepared each of us for this trip.

“Lord, please multiply our five loaves and two fishes” was the personal prayer of one of our team members with regards to the trip, and it was echoed by Pastor Eugene Tan in his prayer when he sent us off on the 21st of September. 

The team set off for Japan early Saturday morning, 14 July, and arrived at Narita Airport at 4.20pm, Japan time.

Having been meeting up weekly to prepare for this trip, the eight of us were all ready and excited to go to Timor Leste! Our FCBC missions staff, Esther Seah, and a few of our friends came to pray for God’s protection over us and to send us off.

Our team of seven members from different backgrounds and cell groups came together with a shared purpose – to make a difference in the lives of the Timorese.


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