Old Testament Overview

Registration Period: 2 June – 6 July 2022


This is a 6-week course to help believers understand the message of the Old Testament and the promise of the coming Messiah found there. With a clear understanding, we hope to help you embark on reading the Old Testament and better position the verses or stories you read within the larger context of what had happened or what was being said or taught in the passage.


Session 1

This session serves as an introduction to this course.

Session 2

The story of the Old Testament from Creation to the promise of the coming Messiah. It begins in the first 5 books of the Old Testament, also known as the Torah or books of the Law: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy, covering the period from Creation to about 1406 BC. The covenants in the Old Testament and particularly God’s covenant with Israel, also known as the Mosaic Covenant, would be covered, in order to understand how God had prepared a plan of redemption, right from the start.

Session 3

The story of the Old Testament continues on in the books of Joshua, Judges, 1 and 2 Samuel, and 1 and 2 Kings, covering the period 1406 to 586 BC. The story here starts with the conquest of the Promised Land, followed by the lawlessness of the Judges era, then into the heights of Israel’s success under King David and King Solomon, and subsequently the divided monarchy of more evil than good kings, ending off with the exile of Israel and the destruction of Jerusalem and the Temple in 586 BC.

Sessions 4 & 5

The sessions seeks to understand the reasons why God judged Israel and sent them into exile. We will cover the messages of the writing prophets:

  • Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Ezekiel
  • Books of the 12 Minor Prophets

While God judged sin in Israel through the prophets, He also spoke through them about the new covenant through the coming Messiah, who has indeed come, in the New Testament, Jesus, our Saviour and Lord!

Session 6

The session seeks to understand how the people of Israel lived in those times. We will consider the following books:

  • Psalm – How God’s people worshipped
  • Proverbs, Job, and Ecclesiastes – Books of wisdom
  • Song of Songs – How God’s people enjoyed love
  • Lamentations, Daniel, Esther, Ezra, Nehemiah, and Chronicles – How God’s people lived through the exile

Class Schedule

Dates: 10 July – 14 August 2022 (Sunday)
Time: 3pm – 5pm
Platform: Zoom

Who Should Register

FCBC cell members

Registration Procedure

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