Gideonite Training Programme (1-Year Mission Trip)

The term "Gideonite" was chosen to identify with the principle illustrated by the story of Gideon and his small band of men (Judges 6-8). Through faith and perseverance, these men gained a resounding victory athough they were greatly outnumbered. The Gideonite Training Programme (GTP) aims to train and deploy extreme disciples to share the gospel, win new believers, and plant mission-minded G12 churches throughout Asia.

If you always longed for a hands-on experience in missions, the time is now! Join the Gideonite team as you embark on a 1-year church planting mission in Japan or Timor Leste. Registration for 2021 closes in April.

Objectives of the GTP

  1. To plant mission-minded G12 churches in Asia and among the UPGs of the world
  2. To train and equip disciples to share the gospel and disciple new believers in other countries
  3. To provide FCBC members with an opportunity for hands-on experience in missions

Overview of GTP (Four Modules)

  1. GTP Phase 1 (GTP1): This is a preparatory phase. A 2-hour class is held once a week over a period of 10 weeks. The primary objective is to introduce participants to life in missions. The course includes a brief glimpse into the different aspects of GTP, as well as information to prepare a person to become a Gideonite team member.
  2. GTP Phase 2 (GTP2): This is a 3-month live-in programme conducted in FCBC. Selected trainees are grouped into teams with a designated Gideonite Mission Leader (GML) and trained for church planting purposes. The training consists of 3 specific areas - missions training, ministry practicum, and personal development.
  3. GTP Phase 3 (GTP3): This is a 9 to 12-month field programme. It is the practical application of all that has been taught in the previous Gideonite modules. The goal of this phase is to plant a FCBC G12 type church in the targeted nation. The team is engaged in a disciplined daily schedule of prayer, contact making, evangelism, and discipleship. As time progresses, new believers will form open cells, and finally a worship service is started. The team works hard to raise up local open cell leaders before returning home.
  4. GTP Phase 4 (GTP4): Re-entry and Debrief. A series of classes and practical ministry is conducted over 4 half days at FCBC. This is designed to reorientate the returned Gideonites to life back in their home country. The course aims to provide closure to the mission experience and marks the end of the GTP in its entirety. 

Criteria for Gideonite Team Member (GTM)

  1. Born again Christian for at least 3 years
  2. FCBC-baptised member
  3. Completed Cell Leader Training
  4. Above 18 years old
  5. No parental objection (if member is below 21 years old)
  6. Faithfully attending FCBC services
  7. Giving tithe and offering
  8. Free from debt
  9. Ideally single or couple with no children or has grown up children
  10. No ongoing girl or boy relationship
  11. Of reasonably good health (physical and mental)
  12. Faithful, available, submissive and teachable
  13. Prepared for 1 year of unbroken service in the field
  14. Will return together with the Gideonite team
  15. Able to pay fee of S$1,800
  16. Cell or XFXZ leader

Criteria for Gideonite Mission Leader (GML)

  1. SP12 or SP144 member
  2. Should have a calling
  3. Mission experience
  4. Able to train and leave with the Gideonite team
  5. Able to stay in the targeted nation for 3 years
  6. Cell leader or G12 leader
  7. Fulfil criteria of GTM (Items 1 to 13)


“The 11 months I spent in Japan was filled with God’s wondrous deeds. Language was both a barrier and a bridge for me! Although initially it was really frustrating not to be able to express myself properly, God helped me in the ways I was lacking, and eventually I could even share my testimony in Japanese! It was amazing how God could use me and my past experiences to bless the people of Japan. Truly, God can use anyone, as long as we are willing.” – Victoria Lim (Gideonite in Japan)

“This past year in Timor Leste was life changing. I had the opportunity to teach the youths character building, as well as ukulele/guitar lessons. It was extremely fulfilling to watch them grow; from not knowing a single note to finally teaching newcomers and putting on a Christmas concert together. This experience has strengthened my faith in God. He taught me to be strong and courageous. I have no doubt that He is always in control. God has brought me through a season of fear and uncertainty. Now, I can live my life courageously and serve Him faithfully!” – Denise Lim (Gideonite in Timor Leste)

“Doing outreach in a different cultural context has definitely redefined the ways that I would otherwise be so used to back in Singapore. I have to constantly unlearn and relearn how to serve in the most basic form. For instance, informing someone to come for activities is no longer just a text away; you can’t screenshot worship song lyrics and send it to a group chat because not everyone owns a smartphone or has access to data.

From preparation to being on the ground itself, it has been an ongoing process of discovering my true identity in Christ – who I truly am when I’m no longer defined by my occupation, roles, and responsibilities both in church and at work. When I’m stripped of all the labels I used to carry, I begin to understand the concept of ‘more of God, less of me’. I learn to serve as a child because I am simply called by the Lord, and not because I’m more skilful, suitable, or qualified.

Despite Singapore being a multi-cultural society, being in Timor Leste exposed me to the real meaning of cultural differences. Living and working in a place of a different social and cultural background has taught me to be appreciative of what I have back home, and to prioritise what truly matters in life. Through it all, time and again, God is always faithful in equipping me with what is necessary.” – Toh Ai Kit (Gideonite in Timor Leste)

“Hudson Taylor, ‘Depend on it. God’s work done in God’s way will never lack God’s supply.’ In my Gideonite journey, from financial provision and accommodation to making connections when I had none, in every way, at every turn, God proved that He is my Jehovah Jireh.

In the beginning, I had no connections in Yokohama and wasn’t sure what I could do with my limited Japanese. But God taught me to trust Him even when I don’t know what lies ahead. In spite of my limitations, God gave me ideas to connect with the people. I started by going on a language exchange website, then I went to universities to connect with students, and eventually started an online English Circle. I just needed to be faithful. Through these friendships, I could encourage my contacts and share my testimony about how knowing God has changed my life.

Initially, I thought someone else who knows the language is better qualified to serve in such a programme. But I’ve now learnt that all it takes is simple, childlike faith, to trust God even when I can’t see the full picture, and God will do more than we can ask or imagine.” – Charlotte Ying (Gideonite in Japan)

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