Destiny Training


Destiny Training is an interactive, modular leadership training programme. It is based on six books or modules written by Pastor Cesar Castellanos of International Charismatic Mission in Bogota. It covers key themes such as Christian foundations, the fundamentals of the G12 Vision, successful leadership and the Holy Spirit.

Destiny Training comes after LifeClass when a person has been consolidated as a new believer. It is the beginning of the Discipleship stage in the Ladder of Success of the G12 Vision. It is where every member of the church has the opportunity to learn what it takes to lead a cell group and eventually form their own team of twelve.


The six modules of Destiny Training are:

  1. Pastored in His Love: lay the foundations for healthy Christian Living
  2. The Power of a Vision: learn the fundamentals of the G12 Vision and how to put them into practice
  3. A Winning Strategy: learn to effectively win others to Christ and into the cell group
  4. Families with a Purpose: discover God’s plan for the family and how you can raise a godly family
  5. Effective Leadership: learn what it takes to become influential leaders
  6. The Holy Spirit within me: learn to develop the greatest relationship available to man, which enables you to reach the very heart of God

Structure & Methodology

Each classroom session has been custom-designed to be as engaging, creative and interactive as possible, with full participation from each and every student. It is designed to follow a three-stage teaching process: connect, conceive and create.

  • CONNECT engages the students with the subject matter using activities & media.
  • CONCEIVE is the main body of the lesson where the students begin to conceive the truths and principles of the subject matter within themselves.
  • CREATE is the last stage, which helps the students apply the subject matter learnt and/or produce something with it.

Destiny Training Module One (DT1)
Title: Pastored In His Love
1. Jesus is my Shepherd
2. Cultivating a Relationship with God
3. The Power of Praise and Worship
4. Strengthened in God
5. Spiritual Warfare
6. The Redemptive Power of the Blood
7. The Bible will Transform Your Life
8. The Anointing of the Holy Spirit
9. The Blessing of Prosperity
10. Building My Church
Textbook: Pastored In His Love by Pastor Cesar Castellanos

Destiny Training Module Two (DT2)
Title: The Power of a Vision
1. What is Vision?
2. The Principles of G12
3. A Firm Foundation
4. The Vision of the Government of Twelve (G12)
5. Forming the Best Team
6. Successful Leadership
7. The Art of Winning
8. Blessing through the Cell Group
9. Ready to Consolidate
10. The Power of the 144   
Textbook: The Power of a Vision by Pastor Cesar Castellanos

Destiny Training Module Three (DT3)
Title: A Winning Strategy
1. The Present Glory
2. Key Principles of Winning
3. The Power of Evangelism
4. Effective Evangelism
5. The Anointing to Win
6. Compassion
7. Generosity
8. Faith
9. The Cell Vision
10. Cell Structure and Development
Textbook: A Winning Strategy by Pastor Cesar Castellanos

Destiny Training Module Four (DT4)
Title: Families with a Purpose
1. God’s Plan for the Family I
2. The Roles of Parents & Children
3. God’s Plan for the Family II
4. Inner Healing for the Family
For the Married only
5. Strengthening Communication in Your Marriage
6. Seven Pillars for a Godly Marriage
7. The Blessings of Fatherhood/Woman in Ministry
8. Strengthening Marital Love (for Men/Women)
For the Singles only
5. Is this the Right Person (Living to Please God)
6. True Love
7. Seven Steps for Successful Courtship I (Sexual Purity)
8. Seven Steps for Successful Courtship II (Courtship & Marriage Preparation)
Textbook: Families with a Purpose by Pastor Cesar Castellanos

Destiny Training Module Five (DT5)
Title: Effective Leadership
1. A Leader of Faith
2. The Leader’s Love for the Sheep
3. A Leader that Builds
4. A Leader with the Heart of a Servant
5. A Leader Controlled by the Holy Spirit
6. The Leader and Preaching of the Word
7. The Leader and Counseling
8. The Leader and Supervision
9. The Price of Leadership
10. The Leader and the Formation of Disciples
Textbook: Effective Leadership by Pastor Cesar Castellanos

Destiny Training Module Six (DT6)
Title: The Holy Spirit within Me
1. Immersed in His Spirit 
2. Preparing to Receive the Holy Spirit
3. Knowing the Holy Spirit
4. The Fruit of the Holy Spirit (Part 1)
5. The Fruit of the Holy Spirit (Part 2)
6. The Fruit of the Holy Spirit (Part 3)
7. Introduction to the Gifts of the Holy Spirit
8. Gifts of Revelation
9. Gifts of Power
10. Gifts of Inspiration
Textbook: The Holy Spirit within Me by Pastor Cesar Castellanos

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