Good & Faithful Servant

Last weekend, the world lost a great man of God. Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke passed away at the age of 79, after a life of unwavering service to God. While our hearts are heavy, we rejoice over his life and in knowing that he’s home.

Many of us are no strangers to all that Pastor Reinhard had done and his great exploits. But I thought I’d like to take this chance to share a little bit about this man’s big heart.

We had the tremendous privilege of having Pastor Reinhard at this year’s G12 Asia Conference. When our team first had this thought, we were advised that Pastor Reinhard wouldn’t be able to accept much speaking engagements outside of the U.S. due to health considerations. But we invited him by faith and we were told that Pastor Reinhard seriously sought the Lord about this. God spoke to him and told him that he must come to Asia, and with that, he accepted the invitation to our conference. He truly was a man of faith and obedience.

He preached with such fire and passion at the conference, and I know that so many of us and people across Asia were tremendously blessed by his ministry. But the story doesn’t end there. Despite him being tired from his sessions, he asked what was happening on Sunday. Our team told him that it was the installation service for Serene and me, and that he should feel free to rest up before his flight home. Well, he insisted on being there. When we met him at the service, we thanked him so much for being there and his word to us was simply this – “I wouldn’t have missed this for the world.”

That was the only time I had ever interacted with Pastor Reinhard, and I most definitely will never forget it. He was a man with a vision for the multitudes and also a heart for the individuals. I truly am thankful for all that he has done and how he was a tremendous blessing to Serene and me.

Really, what else is there to say but, “Well done, good and faithful servant.” Thank you, Pastor Reinhard.

- Senior Pastor Daniel Khong

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