Seek The Welfare Of Our Nation

This National Day marks the 53rd anniversary of our island nation. How far we’ve come! As I reflect on our nation’s progress from a fishing village to a first world metropolis, I feel proud but slightly concerned. Singapore is set on a global stage and the winds of change constantly threaten to change the national landscape of family and our future. We’ve witnessed this challenge affect other nations and I know this is the burden of many of our nation’s Christian leaders.

I’ve come to realise that living a balanced life is very important, even in our Christian walk. As disciples, we need to stand for what is true, while seeking unity amongst ourselves. We need to be firm in our faith, while showing love and grace to those who are not of the same faith. Most importantly, we need to pray for the leaders of our nation – for wisdom to govern our nation, as well as their health and personal well-being.

The Bible tells us that we have been called to be salt and light. These are common items we’re familiar with in today’s household and back in ancient times. That’s why Jesus chose these images to illustrate the evangelistic and societal influence He intended His disciples to exert in the world. While we continually seek to be salt and light of our nation, we also need to stand in the gap and lift up our nation with all its favours and faults before the throne of grace, and pray that God continues to work in our midst. We’re going to do just that come 7 October at PraySingapore, together with 50,000 like-minded disciples in the National Stadium.

We can bemoan the lack of morality and increase in selfishness we see across our nation, but that’s what happens when fallen humanity is left to themselves and their selfish tendencies are unchecked. The questions we need to ask ourselves are: Where is the church? Where are the salt and light of Jesus?

Dear family, I invite you to be “the salt of the earth” and “the light of the world” (Matthew 5:13-14). Let every one of us continually seek the welfare of our nation! 

- Senior Pastor Nina Khong

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