Prayer Tower is held at TOUCHCENTRE Consolidation Room, 24/7, except from Sat Noon - Sun 4.00pm. Please note that entry is permitted for FCBC cell members/leaders only. Non-FCBC cell members must be accompanied by an FCBC cell member.

Aside from the Prayer Tower, FCBC also has a churchwide Monthly Prayer Meeting held every 3rd Wednesday of the month, at 8.00pm at TOUCHCENTRE. Each month, we focus on 1 of the 7 Gates of Cultural Influences.

18 Jan Divine Institution & Religion English
15 Feb Communication & Media English
22 Mar Business, Science & Technology English
19 Apr Education & School English
17 May Family & Home English
21 Jun Government & Leadership Mandarin
19 Jul Churchwide Prayer Meeting (all cells to meet here, except teen cells)
  • Asher & Wendy Eng
  • Cheng Kim Meng & Huey Teng
  • Daniel & Patsy Gan
  • Daniel & Serene Khong
  • Eugene & Dorothy Tan
  • Loke Mun Tai & Alicia
  • Patrick & Hilary Pang
  • Poh Wee Long & Cristabel
Gateway Theatre
  • Richard & Jenny Ong
  • Simon & Marilyn Yee
  • Roland Lee & Lai Fun
  • Wang Guanghan & Melissa
23 Aug Divine Institution & Religion English
20 Sep Communication & Media Mandarin
25 Oct Churchwide Prayer Meeting (all cells to meet here, except teen cells) Bilingual
15 Nov Education & School English
20 Dec Family & Home English

As moral and spiritual gatekeepers living in today's age of lawlessness, we must rally together to pray for our nation and stop the influx of evil. The real battle is in the spiritual realm!

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