Testimony of God's Healing

I would like to testify to God’s grace and goodness

“I was born partially blind, with a degenerative eye disease called nyctalopia. This cannot be corrected through wearing spectacles and I have been suffering with a progressive impairment of my vision over the past 50 years. I could hardly see and felt my way around through the sheer alertness of my senses. Three of my siblings have the same eye problem.

Ever since I accepted the Lord Jesus Christ in March 2006, I have been earnestly seeking God to heal my eyes. Despite going to big healing crusades, I remained quite blind. But I continued to wait on the Lord, believing that Jehovah Rapha, God my healer, will restore my eyesight in His good timing.

Due to my near blindness, I could not find a proper job. In fact, I was jobless for two years and I have been working as reflexologist, earning a very irregular income. Life was difficult. I felt discouraged and lost but continued to earnestly seek God for direction.

On 1st November 2009, I was attending the English service with my youngest sister when the Holy Spirit prompted her G12 leader to invite me to their cell. I thought about it and decided to visit the cell that very Friday. I had a good time interacting with my new friends.

Towards the end of the cell meeting, I was prayed for…but little did I expect what God had in store for me. Led by the Holy Spirit, the G12 leader said that they are going to intercede for the healing of my eyes. Ordinary cell members were called out to pray for me.

After the 1st round of prayers, I was still as blind as before. The cell waited on God for words of knowledge, and God revealed that a curse was in operation and there were scales placed before my eyes. After the 2nd round of prayers, I began to see although the shapes were fuzzy. The cell persevered in their prayers and faith. Finally, after the 3rd round, my vision began to improve and I could see the lights in the living room and even the switch to the toilet, which I could not see before.

Two days later I was at the Sunday service, sitting with the cell group in sector B4 at row 9. Praise the Lord! I could see the huge screen and the pulpit. I could even see the person who was sitting 3 rows ahead, which was impossible just the Sunday before. My sister remarked that my eyes are more alert and have ‘life’, compared to the glassy stares before. Yes, God has removed the scales.

My vision has improved, and very soon, I believe my vision will be fully restored. I am grateful to God who has healed me and brought back some colours to my once darkened world. I am also thankful to the cell who stood in the gap for me. This is a cell that perseveres in their faith and clearly desires to move in the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit.

Thank you, dear Lord, for answering my prayers. Yes, God is good all the time! All glory to God!

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