The Miracle Doctor

"Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see." 

Surely this great measure of faith described in Hebrews 11:1 is what 75-year-old retiree Mdm Wang Siok Tiang embodied to call upon the greatest doctor and healer – God – to perform a miracle surgery on her in December 2006.

A member of the Special People Ministry (SPM), Mdm Wang accepted Christ when she was first invited to FCBC by her nephew back in 2002. By the end of the year, she was water baptised. Then, still busy running her long-standing floral business at the market near her home, she regularly attended church services with her youngest son who is also a SPM member except on the first and fifteenth of every month – when business was most brisk. She also participated in the SPM cell group activities.

Ill beginnings

In February 2006, Mdm Wang started to experience bodily discomfort. Not knowing why, she often found herself vomiting and suffering from stomach pain. Visiting several doctors to treat her mysterious ailment, their prescribed medication appeared to have kept it under control. But one night in May, she threw up all through the night. The next morning, her eldest son admitted her into the hospital where the doctors examined her and found significant amounts of mercury injected into her left leg – revealing the root of her health problem. She had actually been suffering from the harmful effects of mercury poisoning, which included, severe diarrhea, vomiting, uncontrollable shivering and even hallucination.

Crisis Operation and Prayer

The doctors operated immediately on Mdm Wang to remove the toxin from her leg. By then, she had fallen into a hallucinating and unconscious state; she could not recall the things she had said and done or even encountered in a physical sense at that point in time. According to the doctors – who informed her family to be prepared for the worst, Mdm Wang was in extremely critical condition and might not live long. Learning the gravity of her state, Mdm Wang's family gathered to pray for God to save her life.

While Mdm Wang was unconscious, she recalled that she had undergone a spiritual experience. This is what she described of her encounter:

"I saw many spirits in the hospital and the place was flooded with water. I also saw many spirits around my house before that. I was very scared then and did not want to return home. When I was unconscious, I remember seeing a vision of a majestic and sparkling mansion before me. Then, I heard a voice telling me that I was dead. I was utterly shocked. 'I can't die!' I thought out loud, 'I still have a son who depends on me.' Soon after, I saw a shiny white road in front of me and walked along it. Later, I woke up."

Slow Recovery

After Mdm Wang's family prayed for her, her health changed for the better. When the doctors examined her again some time in early June 2006, they found that she had regained her health and allowed her to discharge. When Mdm Wang returned home, her body still felt very weak. She did not have the strength to do anything for herself at all; she had to rely completely on her maid to care for her.
"When I was very weak back then, I could not even lift a piece of tissue paper. I tried to walk but once I got up, I fell down again. I always needed my maid to care for me and even to feed me. So I prayed to God daily for the recovery of my strength, that I could take care of myself once again," Mdm Wang shared. While she was convalescing, Mdm Wang also accidentally fell down from her bed several times – when she was sleeping. But thanks to God's protection, she said, she did not injure herself at all.

Miracle Healing

Mdm Wang's prayer for complete healing was finally answered at a church service last December. That morning, Senior Pastor Lawrence Khong called for a special healing prayer for all who wished to receive God's healing. Mdm Wang seated amidst her SPM group members recalled her grateful excitement at this window of opportunity that God had presented her. "I saw Ps Khong praying for those who wanted to receive God's healing. After he prayed for them, one by one, they began to fall down. I knew that God's healing touch was upon them and I wanted Him to heal me too."

With childlike faith, Mdm Wang waited to receive God's healing. As Ps Khong approached her, she recalled with clarity that he stretched out his hand and spoke authoritatively the words "God heals you!". Immediately, she fell into a slumber. When she awoke again, Mdm Wang felt that both her arms were healed and her legs became very light as well.

Good News

The very next day, Mdm Wang found that she could move around on her own without the help of her wheel chair just as before her illness; she was completely healed! Unable to contain her joy of complete recovery, Mdm Wang asked her maid to accompany her to their nearby market to spread her good news to the others. Her vendor friends were amazed to see her well and walking again – as they knew that she was very sick before. "I told them that I have God in me and He has healed me completely. He is my greatest doctor!", recalled Mdm Wang enthusiastically of what she had shared with them about her miracle healing. "I told them that getting to know Christ has been wonderful and that they should accept Him into their lives to experience His goodness too!" At Mdm Wang's subsequent medical checkup, the doctors also confirmed through her x-ray results that she was indeed completely healed!

Today, Mdm Wang remains profoundly grateful towards God. "Thank you, God!", she exclaimed gratefully, "Without Him, I would not be alive today! He has healed me completely. Now, I am well again." Since her recovery, Mdm Wang has been actively spreading the good news of God's healing upon her – giving her a new lease of life. She has even led a wheelchair-bound pre-believer friend to visit the church services. To her Jehovah-Rapha or "The Lord who healed her", it is the best thank-you gift Mdm Wang could have offered to Him in return.

The Story Behind the Story

Owing to a misfortunate chain of events, Mdm Wang was unknowingly injected with a syringe of mercury into her left leg while she was asleep one night before she began to experience all the poisoning symptoms. Her mercury poisoning incident – which eventually spiralled into a court trial – was featured in The Straits Times, January 20 2007 and The New Paper, January 23 2007 respectively.

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