Meet Miracle Megan!

Indeed, God chooses whomever He desires to teach...

Indeed, God chooses whomever He desires to teach us a thing or two about His ever dependable love. This we learnt through the arduous family ordeal that Fong Lai San and her family had undergone when her baby niece, Megan, was prematurely born. Dangerously underdeveloped, she was initially hanging on by the last strands of life in her. Yet, through God’s miraculous healing, she is today a healthy, bouncing baby again, with a new identity, Miracle Megan.

It is my privilege to share with you how God has worked His blessings and power in the life of Miracle Megan, my baby niece.

Megan is a miracle in so many ways. First of all, she was conceived after four miscarriages sustained by my sister. Second, due to some complications, Megan was born four months too early – extremely premature for the usual full ten-month pregnancy term. Generally, babies who are born after seven months are mature enough to survive. But in Megan’s case, who arrived four months early, she faced extremely slim chances of survival as her organs and bodily functions have not fully developed. Hence, the doctors prepared us for the worse to happen within the first 72 hours of her birth.

Megan weighed only 735 grams when she was born. Her head was smaller than the size of a clenched fist, her body was slightly bigger than a man’s open palm and her eye lids were still fused. It was heart-wrenching to see so many tubes and wires engulfing her little body in the Neonatal ICU (Intensive Care Unit). It was impossible to cuddle her then, even for my sister – Megan’s mother, as she was too vulnerable to touch, and her skin too fragile and thin to hold. The hospital had her wrapped in cling wrap to help keep her warm – it broke our hearts.

At 10 days old, Megan had to undergo a heart operation to regulate her blood flow. On top of that, her lungs, being undeveloped, was too weak to fully support her breathing, so a breathing tube was inserted directly into her lungs. Likewise, a feeding tube for her milk intake went all the way into her stomach. To worsen matters, Megan also experienced grade 3 bleeding in her left brain and grade 2 on her right brain, putting her at a high risk of developing cerebral palsy – a neurological disorder that leads to motor skills impairment, and a host of other muscle development difficulties and learning disabilities. Her sight and hearing were also a concern.

In short, even if Megan made it through, her future could be complicated. Every day felt like an emotional roller coaster as we journeyed with Megan – who struggled to live. But God has made her a fighter, just like her name, Megan – strong and able. Each day as she triumphed in little ways over her towering physical challenges, it felt like a miracle to us. Even as she puts on one gram, we were ecstatic!

Megan stayed in the Neonatal ICU for a total of four and a half months before she was discharged. By God’s sovereign grace, her lungs are stronger now; her heart is also functioning well, and the bleeding in her brain has similarly miraculously dispersed – not forgetting that her eyes and ears were likewise tested to be in good condition! Today, six-month-old Megan weighs over 5kg! What’s more, she is so alive and ‘kicking’ – in a strong literal sense – that the doctors doubt any signs of cerebral palsy! Hallelujah! Praises to our God who has heard our cries!

Looking back, I believe that Megan was not God’s mistake but to serve His plans and purposes. Through it all, I was truly blessed to have many who journeyed up this mountain of a problem with me over the past four to five months. It had been a difficult, yet, very precious experience for me. Though currently, I am the only believer at home, I have noted various visible breakthroughs that the Lord is gradually working in my family through Megan’s life. A notable example was how He answered several of my sister’s prayers for her baby girl, Megan. My sister has also since started reading the ‘Our Daily Bread’ devotional, and I trust the Lord’s words will minister to her. Furthermore, this crisis has pulled my family closer together as we took turns to visit and spend time with my sister and brother-in-law.

We all desire the mountaintop experience but often forget that it can be a hard climb up before we can enjoy the view and the rewards at the height of things. Through it all, the biggest challenge for me was to truly and fully submit to God’s will. I had to let go both hands in this roller coaster ride and wholeheartedly trust Him in the turn of events. It was especially painful telling God that no matter what the outcome, I would accept it – even if it meant losing Megan. I have also come to realise that only when we come to the end of ourselves and turn to God in unrestrained reliance, then, can we find true peace in the midst of life’s storms. I have also learnt to eat only fresh manna provided by God each new morning, which meets all our needs for the day.

A dear friend reminded me that God allows us to climb mountains to encounter Him, just like He did with Moses. In a mountain climb, it helps to have fellow mountaineers to journey together and spur one other on. Indeed, my family and I have been richly blessed with the prayers and love from Pastor Ruby Chong and the FCBC family, especially my spiritual family under Ming Lan’s tribe. I cannot thank all of you enough – to let you know how much you have impacted the lives of my family and I!

This dear friend had also taught me three other lessons: First, when fatigue sets in as we continue our mountain climb and we get weary and think of giving up, remember to take a breather and continue to press on – in order not to miss the priceless view and rewards at the mountaintop.

Second, at higher altitude where the air gets thinner and our minds start to hallucinate, we must remember to bring along our oxygen tank and closely follow the guide, the Holy Spirit – who will supply us with the right amount of oxygen that we need. Simply follow the pace of the Holy Spirit, and He will show us the way.

Third, in every crisis that we face – that will either defeat or develop us, the outcome is very much up to us in submission to God and following closely to His leadings.
Indeed, God makes ALL things beautiful in His times! All glory to Him!

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